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Hello I'm Jan 

I have been practising yoga on and off for around 30 years, but it was only when the pandemic hit that I decided to take it to next level and train as a teacher. 

The pandemic coincided with my 50th birthday and the realisation that I was going through menopause. I wasn’t sleeping, my joints were aching, I was putting on weight despite not doing anything differently to before and I was just anxious and exhausted. I soon realised that the days I practiced yoga went much better than the days I didn’t – even if I hadn’t slept that well. So I started my own yoga practise in the morning – just 15-20 mins and it made such a difference to my day.

I'd known for a while I wanted to learn something new but couldn’t quite decide what it was until suddenly there it was -an advert for yoga teacher training run by the teacher I had been practicing with for the last couple of years. So off I went …..qualifying as a yoga teacher in November 2021.

 The joy I get from hearing people tell me they are sleeping better, feeling less anxious, more flexible and stronger after practicing yoga  just makes me want to help more people discover the benefits of yoga. Yoga really is for everyone no matter your size, shape or fitness level. The benefits of just slowing down sometimes are huge …...and not only for those going through menopause. 

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